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Hello! I'm an Information Technology Professional and Manager with experience managing information technology teams and infrastructures. From my first computer (Apple II) to designing complex system infrastructures, my background in information technology operations, strategy, design, and project management keeps me competitive.

I strive for job excellence that is fueled by my passion for understanding the nuances of the information technology ecosystems. I consider myself a ‘forever student,’ eager to build on my academic foundations and stay in tune with the latest strategies.

Of the teams I have managed, I've improved the team's productivity by implementing strategic project management strategies and ensuring a work-life balance for people. I believe mindfulness in the workplace is key to success - a tenet I live out through my interests in online gaming, outdoor sports, sports cars, and occasional lawn work.

Basic Information
dale.hutchinson "at" outlook.com
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Clearwater, Florida, U.S.A
Professional Skills

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Work Experience

July 2017 - Present

Pinellas County Sheriff's Office
Senior Information Technologist

As one of the Senior Information Technologists for the Sheriff's Office I am regularly assigned specific tasks on a higher level of technical issues. This includes updating security policies and procedures, maintaining information databases, and creating reports on them for the senior management. I also handle addressing everyday help desk issues or answering their computer related questions when they arise.

January 2011 - July 2017

Governor's Office of Information Technology
Infrastructure Support Manager

As one of the State of Colorado's Infrastructure Manager, it was my responability for the design, installation, maintenance, and retirement of the Information Technology systems and personnel that was the core of the Department of Natural Respources, Department of Local Affairs and the Avalanche Information Center. My role was the underpinning (or supporting) services, or infrastructure, that enable the delivery of customer-facing and internal employee Information Technology services.

September 2008 - January 2011

Lakewood Police Department
Police Information Management Technician

As a Police Information Management Technician I managed the information Police Agents gathered throughtout their investigations. I also managed the information databases for wanted persons, stolen property, and assisted other Agencies on information requests.


2010 - 2013

Master's Degree
Master of Business Administration - Master of Information Technology

Jones International University

My MBA degree offered an unique and comprehensive program that blended academic, research-intensive learning with real-world experiences that gave me the skills necessary to tackle today’s business challenges. I gained strategic leadership and decision-making skills as well as core skills in accounting, economics, finance, leadership, operations management, business analytics, information technology management, and marketing.

My Master of Information Technology Management degree is multidisciplinary where I developed the necessary skills for success in I.T. management. This included effective communication for multiple audiences and stakeholders, ethical decision-making, critical analysis and the principles of servant leadership.

2008 - 2010

Bachelor's Degree
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

American Intercontinental University

My Bachelor degree gave me a comprehensive learning environment where I aquired the skills needed to manage and operate mission-critical business systems. From e-commerce and the Internet to cyber security, this degree gave be a solid foundation to be an effective manager in various industries. This degree is an industry-relevant cyber security program which I learned about the various types of information technology security used today, as well as the practices that should be in place in any organization to ensure maximum up time and security.

My studies involved hands-on activites with security software, administering security systems and identifing potential security threats both physical and virtual.

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