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An Information Technology Professional

IT Management

A capable manager responsible for the establishment and execution of enterprise wide technology strategy and operations in alignment with business strategy and objectives, ensuring the delivery of IT capabilities required to enable maximum value and success.

Systems Administration

Experienced in monitoring system performance, and configure new software and hardware. Excellent troubleshooting skills and hands-on experience with various operating systems.

Security Professional

A  leader in security engineering, automation, compliance, accreditation, and configuration. Develops and maintains the patching program including vulnerability, threat management, mitigation and implements Cyber Incident Response plans, playbooks. Mentors junior level employees on current on security technologies, techniques, and possible threats.

About Me

Hello! I’m an Information Technology Professional and Manager with experience managing information technology teams and infrastructures. From my first computer (Apple II) to designing complex system infrastructures, my background in information technology operations, strategy, design, and project management keeps me competitive.

I strive for job excellence that is fueled by my passion for understanding the nuances of the information technology ecosystems. I consider myself a ‘forever student,’ eager to build on my academic foundations and stay in tune with the latest strategies.

Of the teams I have managed, I’ve improved the team’s productivity by implementing strategic project management strategies and ensuring a work-life balance for people. I believe mindfulness in the workplace is key to success – a tenet I live out through my interests in online gaming, outdoor sports, sports cars, and occasional lawn work.

Aquired Experience

Help Desk Management 95%
Policy Administration 95%
Active Directory Administration 90%
ITIL Policy Management 95%

Some vendors I've worked with:

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